Carolyn Seale - Manufacturing Manager Specializing in Efficiency

About Carolyn Seale of Cleveland, Tennessee

A resident of Cleveland, Tennessee, Carolyn Seale is the manager of industrial engineering, manufacturing planning, and the kaizen fabrication team at the Denso Manufacturing plant in Athens, Tennessee. A five-time recipient of the "Excellent Factory" designation, Carolyn Seale leads campus-wide efficiency efforts for the tier-1 automotive supply company through the application of kaizen and the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that stresses continual improvement in all areas. TPS is a philosophy that organizes manufacturing and logistics and includes interaction with customers and suppliers. The philosophies of kaizen and TPS have been major contributors to the success of Denso Manufacturing as one of the top-three automotive suppliers in the world.

Prior to joining Denso Manufacturing in 2001, Ms. Seale earned a bachelor of science in industrial and engineering management from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.